DANCE OF FIRE is the first clarinet quartet in Poland specialising in folk music. The sources of our inspiration are Balkan, Klezmer and Polish music. We play our own compositions as well as traditional melodies (in our very own arrangements). We add percussion and ethnic wind instruments to our clarinets. All that together creates the unique sound of DANCE OF FIRE - a fiery blend of classic technique and Slavic energy.

We are laureates of the 20th International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam. We all graduated from the Academy of Music in Katowice and we play in the leading Polish symphonic and opera orchestras. The beginning of our cooperation is 2014, when we decided to work on our passion for traditional music together. We began to look for new sounds and artistic means. The music we created has often been appreciated by the international audience, including the DANCE OF FIRE concerts at the European Clarinet Congresses in Katowice and Gent.

DANCE OF FIRE concerts are a mix of Balkan energy, Polish spontaneity and lyricism as well as klezmer virtuosity. Themes of traditional music often provoke improvisation, which makes every performance unique. Honesty and openness that lies in folk music makes it go straight to audience's hearts. We play concerts with Balkan, Jewish and Polish music or a mixed show combining all these styles.

Below you can watch concert recorded at IJMF, Amsterdam 2017: